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24-01 (A)nother Wave
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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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02-01 Pasajero <-> Coccada + Moretti
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Coccada, Moretti, Pasajero
Around 17 OT a Coccada Brug (Flock) suicides on Pasajero's don (Zahmres). Like what normally happens in a case like this, things are talked over and compensation money is agreed upon.

However 4 hours laters, at 21 OT, Pasajero launches a surprise attack on Coccada, quickly taking out 3 highranks but failing to take down the family. This leaves Coccada in a position to defend themselves. In the next three hours both sides frantically battle it out in one of the bloodiest wars of the version, in which nearly every kill by either side is accompanied by a backfire kill. For each side, every shot counts.

Eventually Coccada comes out on top, helped by their bloods Moretti. By 23:30 OT they manage to take down Pasajero and the war is over not long after. Coccada however is left severely crippled, having lost a very large part of their highranks.
Ishmahell (Coccada top) We had agreed to pay compensation for the kill of Pasajero's don. We weren't expecting an attack like that. Unrespectfull people, that's who they are.

Chroestjov (Moretti top) When coccada got attacked we shot at Pasajero and even did an official crew msg so all members could shoot with from the start.

Raven (Coccada top) This war was about Pasajero's Honour, as they told me, they attacked very quickly and when we realized what was going on our offline high ranks had been pre-shooted, so we had no time to prepair counter-attack.
Big thanks to Moretti and all Coccadians that fought back with no fear.
Respect to Pasajero for standing for what they believe in. It was a good war.

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