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02-01 Fraternity War
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 3,222
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families: Ancyra, Anda, Conflict, Esperanza, Evilium, Fraternity, Illusion, Inovation, Lioni, Lucchese, Notte, Nuevitas, Sacred
Conflict + Anda + Lucchese + Nuevitas + Illusion + Lioni <-> Fraternity (NotteRIP, EsperanzaRIP, InovationRIP, AncyraRIP, SacredRIP)

On 02-01 it finally happened. The highly anticipated monster war between the Conflict alliance and the Fraternity alliance erupts. Many players expected it to happen eventually, regardless of the "Allies" statement on the alliance's fampages, but only some expected it to be today.

For the origin of this war we have to look back to past versions, but the cause of the war is very clear. There were rumours that Fraternity was planning to attack Conflict on the evening of 02-01. These rumours were alledgedly started by people outside of both Conflict and Fraternity, as Fraternity tops strongly deny any plans in that direction and say that the rumours were fake. However those rumours were enforced by the sudden move of many highranked accounts from Wicked into Fraternity families.

This move of highranks, and some other (possibly fake) leaks led Conflict to believe that they would really be attacked, and deciding that the best defense is the offense, they called in the help of practically all of their bloods. Those bloods eagerly helped Conflict and together they organized the attack.

But the killing list leaked, and Fraternity knew that they would be attacked, so they had some time to prepare a counterattack against an overwhelming superior force.


The Fraternity War in numbers, based on the latest famstats (30-12) :
  • Brugs : 86 vs 35
  • Chiefs : 71 vs 36
  • LC's : 91 vs 40

  • Total bullets fired/lost : roughly 33M
  • statements
    Lyramen Fatoslocos were going to attack too but when plans leaked out they left the shooting chan and did not get involved in the war.

    Porrello (Fatoslocos top) We went to Conflict to alert them that many high accounts (8) would leave, and that we didn't know what they were up to. Also, Fraternity had been asking around about help against Conflict. This, combined with some logs, made Conflict somewhat nervous. Next, Conflict twisted the rumours a bit so that Fraternity would also be planning to attack Conflict's bloods (Lucchese, Anda, Illusion). Which in turn made Lucchese ask Fatoslocos if we would like to help against Fraternity, because they were planning an attack on Fatoslocos' bloods (Lucchese). We of course wanted to help Lucchese. After this I went to Fraternity, to ask if they maybe couldn't keep Lucchese out of the war, but they didn't want to hear about any wars. Until they were attacked.

    Baron (Evilium top)Fraternity were our bloods and asked for our help when conflict almost hunted them down. But giving our help then would just have been suicide for us.

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