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30-09 Rectification
Author: Rix
Last updated: Never
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Version: 3.2
Dear users,

We apologise to both you and the Omerta crew for our accusation in our 22nd of September article that said that the Omerta crew tried to cover up their hack by saying they had hardware problems. We also apologise for linking the downtime on that day to the hacks that occurred on that day which was incorrect. This connection was solely based on coincidence and a statement from the hackers.

We also apologise for helping the hackers spread the lists containing successor information and testament information further by linking to the lists in our article. We sincerely hope that none of the players or families which were on those lists had any negative consequences thanks to those lists being linked to in our article and we apologise to you specifically if you did have any negative consequences.

We also apologise to the Omerta crew if linking to the lists in our article has caused the Omerta crew to be more concerned or had to spend more time on damage control after the lists of testaments had leaked.

Lastly let it be clear that we are only putting this rectification up because we in hindsight agree with the point Brando made. If we, in our own eyes, did nothing wrong we would never have done this.

Yours Sincerely,

The OmertaBeyond News crew
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LL Aruba Patron (09:03:29 - 03-10)
Link Quote
For the record, OB News does *not* apologize for 'making up' or fabricating any story about the hacking of Omerta's servers and the compromising of the data, as it is in fact enough proof at hand to verify that the hack did occur. And not only partial (as the Omerta "news" post claims, but very, very extensive. (Something with a glass house and a rock comes to mind. How about a rectification there?).

The only thing we are (truly) sorry for is that we linked the downtime to this hack, and then concluded that the newspost concerning the downtime was nothing more than a cover-up, in which we were wrong, and we shouldn't have done that.

But in no way do we deny that there was a hack, or apologize for stating so. The informational links were removed in due time - after everyone could take a good look at solid proof - due to the fact that they could severely influence gameplay and screw innocent people over (it is not the families' fault this happened).