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15-08 History + BIG site update!
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 4691d 7h 48m 2s ago by sbanks
Comments: 9
Views: 6,925
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.2
Involved families:
After long, long LONG work, we finally added all old articles from the old (fingon) site. We even added which families were involved during these wars.

You can reach these articles when you go down the articles menu and use the arrows below to find the articles (or use the sort by date function).

we also added a (beta) search page for now in the menu, you can search for a family who was involved, or maybe a title of an article. This will be extended with version search and much more stuff.

We also added Family History, if want to read about your favorite or less favorite family you got to be here!

At the bottom of this article you can even view in what wars this family has been involved since they been up!

You can even vote if you like or dislike the family, the only thing is... You got to be logged in to vote! Just simply click on the green upper arrow if you like that family, or the red down arrow if you hate/dislike the family.

I must warn you for a few things, we don't tolerate flaming the families and you can only vote 1 time a family!

We are also asking deseperatly for the history of other families, and the ones we have so far, because they are not up-to-date, most of them are only till 2.7

Last but not least, we added an extra item on our frontpage! What happend "TODAY" in version ??, a nice extra to see what happend on the same date as today but in another version.

i hope you all like the new additions, we surely do!

At last i want to thank Rix, MrWhite and Kyra for the hard work.


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Anonymous (14:36:32 - 11-09)
Link Quote
tonight war.
MrWhite Netherlands (12:48:29 - 22-08)
Link Quote
If we also had to save the comments we wouldnt be done with that when version 5.0 of omerta would be done. (100 years from now)
Pupalee (11:51:49 - 22-08)
Link Quote
this is very good work guys but did the comments got lost ? from history i mean
cru3L Cayman Islands (08:41:33 - 17-08)
Link Quote
Nostalgic, nice topic.
Sollid (10:55:14 - 16-08)
Link Quote
That's nice stuff, thanks :)
huggybuggyomerta (04:41:50 - 16-08)
Link Quote
Really nice work!
positive Aruba (21:24:18 - 15-08)
Link Quote
nice work guys \o
Deston Palestinian Territory, Occupied (21:23:37 - 15-08)
Link Quote
LL Aruba Patron (21:22:37 - 15-08)
Link Quote
Also, if you have a part of a family history (let's say you can only manage to write what your family did in 2.8 and 2.8a), that's fine too. Just submit it, and if we can gather more information through other sources or get the remaining versions covered by others, we'll be able to put together a great story about your family. So, all little bits can help.

As for the other site updates, kudos to the OB news geek squad!