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15-12 Admins.. fair or unfair?
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 6,478
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families:
Update: Worthless tops

It seems like there is a lot of people who haven't read the logs, since people still discuss what Worthless tops meant.

Log 3 explains quite clearly that they were akilld for suiciding their family and not for being cheaters!

[01:53:27] [%puzzle] i will copy you, what one of admins said "they tried to ruin the fun for others by ordering their fam to suicide"

First lets talk about the revive policy. Version ago it was always a gray area, when could you get a revive and when not.

Admins made a revive policy and that would be the holy bible for them, they said they would stick to it and no exceptions!

Revive policy

There are only three options in omerta where a person can get a revive.

1. When a person is wrongly admin killed.

2. When a person is shot by a hacked account. In this case the crew need to find proof for this in the database.

3. When a person is killed by an account that got akilled within 3 days after the kill. You should come to #help within 24 hours after your killer got akilled.

People who have had a punish before, or have a live dupe account, do not get revived.

Case 1: Fancy vs Cdsza

Fancy got killed by Cdsza. 9 days later Cdsza gets akilled. Fancy goes to #help and asks for a revive. Answer: interval is too long, 3 days policy, no revive.

Case 2: Atcidniv vs Annoying

Atcidniv former Don of Gravano got killed during the big war from 02-12. Today in the mass pillory his killer (Annoying) got akilled. Atcidniv went to #help and asks for a revive. Answer: sure, revived.

Case 3: Might vs Sofie

Might Don of Coccada, Sofie First Lady of Vaffanculo. Sofie succeeded in killing Might and survived. This all happend when Vaffanculo deciced they were done with the game and went on a suiciding spree. Later this evening Sofie gets frozen & akilled for being a "worthless top". Might went to help ask for a revive. Answer: sure, revived.

My personal conclusion:

Case 1 & Case 3 are according the revive policy the crew wrote, Case 2 is absolutly weird. Being revived after +/- 12 days. Seems that people getting favored over other people here. Aren't we supposed to be all equal?

Secondly admins intefering during a war, im not talking here about if the reason of Vaffanculo was legit and if they are scripters or not, but what the admins did...

Top of Vaffanculo changed family page quote into: "Thanks for ruining this game yet again with those unjustified a-kills."

Admins changed the family quote back into: "thanks for this great game admins! too bad we're a bunch of losers... please forgive us for destroying this game...."

After this the Top 3 of Vaffanculo got frozen and after a short irc session all 3 akilled. Read the logs of #help below.

This wasn't the end yet. The new Don of Vaffanculo got frozen and also the successors got removed which made Vaffanculo go down rather quick.

Still no end yet.. Admins also removed detectives from Vaffanculo members who were trying to kill people, as they were kind of in war...

And this hitlistings, was it cheat money? Vaffanculo says it was object money why were they removed? And how come so fast, did they really checked if it was cheat or object money?

My personal conclusion:

I can understand the admins that they didn't liked the family profile, but started flaming by telling "we're a bunch of losers" is kinda harsh?

Deleting detectives is completely retarted, you should just die because your top decides to suicide/quit the game after some akills? This is totally not fair for the other 297 members of Vaffanculo!

And even in the second Log Goldylocks simply is telling Vincej that they got akilled for suiciding. Since when is suiciding illegal is this game?! And when can we call something suicide anyway? Maybe admins can make a new policy about that?

What i want to state clearly here, im not picking sides. I was in the Vaffanculo family when this all happend so i got this information from 1st hand and since im playing (since 2.0) the admins made my jaw drop a couple of times today so i kinda HAD to write about it and im curious about your reactions!

Thanks for reading!


913 Rugiero Worthless top User is dead!
912 Anouk worthless top User is dead!
911 Sofie worthless top User is dead!
Log 1:

[20:51] (Helpster) Vincej: Please state your question(s).
[20:51] * Helpster sets mode: +v Vincej
[20:51] (Vincej) sup
[20:51] (Vincej) Your account (Sofie) was frozen by Goldylocks. Please contact Goldylocks via email: [email protected] or IRC (http://www.mibbit.com/) on irc.barafranca.com.
[20:51] * Battalgazi ([email protected].
omerta) has joined #help
[20:51] (Vincej) can you tell me why?
[20:51] * Vin` ([email protected]) has joined #help
[20:51] (markj) oh yea
[20:51] (markj) im anouk btw
[20:51] (markj) :p
[20:51] (Vincej) why cant we suicide?
[20:51] (Blackparadox) Due|jr?
[20:52] (Vincej) what on gods green earth makes you think you can decide my actions
[20:52] (Due|jr) how can you justify your actions
[20:52] (Vincej) if we want to suicide after some UNJUSTIFIED akills
[20:52] (Vincej) why dont you let us
[20:52] * bimo ([email protected]) has joined #help
[20:52] (Goldylocks) yes Vincej you will get akilled for being annoying and ruining gameplay for others
[20:52] (Due|jr) lol
[20:52] (Vincej) im getting texts of being shot, but i cant log in
[20:52] (Vincej) lol
[20:52] (markj) so why am i frozen then
[20:52] (Vincej) are you fucking shitting me?
[20:52] (Vincej) if i want to use my account to shoot people then why cant i shoot
[20:53] (Goldylocks) markj same shit
[20:53] (Vincej) akilled for being annoying
[20:53] (Vincej) LOL
[20:53] (puzzle) wait few min markj
[20:53] (markj) wtf Goldylocks
[20:53] (markj) i never said anything
[20:53] (Vincej) this is a fucking tragedy
[20:53] (markj) i never changed the fampro
[20:53] * Ballantines ([email protected]) has joined #help
[20:53] (Goldylocks) as top your responsible
[20:53] (Due|jr) Goldylocks Vincej is a don and sees his member getting akills they dont deserve, the only thing he can do is shoot
[20:53] (markj) read your logs
[20:53] (Due|jr) and you are taking that away from him
[20:53] * cdos ([email protected]) has joined #help
[20:53] (Vincej) i see some unjustified akills going on
[20:53] (Due|jr) and then saying he is annoying ?
[20:53] (Vincej) and i want to fight with my left over members
[20:53] (markj) so im responsible for Vincej :')
[20:54] * TheAnti ([email protected]) has joined #help
[20:54] (puzzle) markj your account is take over:x
[20:54] (Bramblerose) pillory com open
[20:54] (Goldylocks) Vincej every akill is correct today
[20:54] (Vincej) horseshit
[20:54] (markj) lol takevoer
[20:54] (markj) do explain
[20:54] (markj) i have played with te same email since 3,0
[20:54] (markj) :p
[20:54] (Vincej) tell me what exactly is different between yesterday and today
[20:54] * TheAnti ([email protected]) has left #help
[20:54] (Blackparadox) Due|jr you got akilled?
[20:54] (Vincej) yesterday you made a mistake
[20:54] (Due|jr) ofc
[20:54] (Vincej) so tell me why today wasnt a mistake as well
[20:54] (Vincej) seriously, enlighten me
[20:54] * A`ZzZ ([email protected]) has joined #help
[20:54] (Goldylocks) nope you wont get info about that
[20:54] (Due|jr) but that is not why i am here Blackparadox
[20:54] (Goldylocks) !done Vincej markj
[20:54] * Helpster sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]
[20:54] * You were kicked by Helpster (Thanks for visiting, we hope we were able to answer your question. )
[20:54] * Attempting to rejoin channel #help
[20:55] (Vincej) LOL :D

Log 2:

[21:36] (Goldylocks) !next
[21:36] (Helpster) Vincej: Please state your question(s).
[21:36] * Helpster sets mode: +v Vincej
[21:36] * Oxidada ([email protected]) has joined #help
[21:36] (puzzle) !next
[21:36] (Vincej) hey Goldylocks
[21:36] (Helpster) Toeffen|study: Please state your question(s).
[21:36] * Helpster sets mode: +v Toeffen|study
[21:36] (Goldylocks) Vincej
[21:36] (puzzle) hi Toeffen|study
[21:36] (Toeffen|study) hello
[21:36] (Toeffen|study) i pm'ed some high admins
[21:36] (puzzle) ok
[21:36] (Toeffen|study) but no reply ofc
[21:37] (Vincej) where does it say in the rules that i can't kill other players just because im sick and tired of people judging my family on a wrong basis
[21:37] (Toeffen|study) i want to have my omerta account deleted
[21:37] (Toeffen|study) killer told me to get hold of someone high
[21:37] * Bumsen^^ (Bumsen^^@Bumsen.users.omerta) has joined #help
[21:37] (Toeffen|study) i tried Goldylocks
[21:37] (Toeffen|study) but she isnt replying me
[21:37] * MD ([email protected].
omerta) has left #help
[21:37] (Sebastian) puzzle unutulmaz_brb said " i didnt use script can they proof me that
[21:37] * Dv[L]lucky ([email protected]) has joined #help
[21:37] * Juzzy11 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client )
[21:38] (Toeffen|study) drop it Sebastian. they wont listen :p
[21:38] (Goldylocks) Vincej (10) Appointed in game crewmembers may delete, inactivate or downgrade your account without recourse to complaint by yourself and excluding any duty to justify such actions.
[21:38] (Goldylocks) there
[21:38] (puzzle) [email protected] unutulmaz_brb
[21:38] (unutulmaz_brb) what _?_
[21:38] (Sebastian) ok
[21:38] (Vincej) so basically you can interpret that line any way you want
[21:38] (puzzle) !next
[21:38] (Helpster) Soad: Please state your question(s).
[21:38] * Helpster sets mode: +v Soad
[21:39] (Vincej) so suicider A can get away with it
[21:39] (puzzle) hi Soad
[21:39] (Vincej) and suicider B cant
[21:39] (Toeffen|study) nice Goldylocks
[21:39] (Vincej) is that what youre telling me?
[21:39] (Goldylocks) yes Vincej
[21:39] * Soad ([email protected]) has left #help
[21:39] * Soad ([email protected]) has joined #help
[21:39] (Toeffen|study) can you delete me from .dm?
[21:39] (Vincej) that quite frankly, is pathetic
[21:39] * irc.barafranca.com sets mode: -b *!*[email protected]
[21:39] * Battalgazi ([email protected]) has left #help
[21:39] (Toeffen|study) [email protected] dont wanna play .dm anymore
[21:39] (Goldylocks) deal wit hit
[21:39] (Vincej) and im pretty sure you agree with me on that one
[21:39] (Goldylocks) !done Vincej
[21:39] * Helpster sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]
[21:39] * You were kicked by Helpster (Thanks for visiting, we hope we were able to answer your question. )
[21:39] * Attempting to rejoin channel #help

Log 3:

[01:47:17] [%puzzle] !next
[01:47:18] [&Helpster] RTJ|Studying: Please state your question(s).
[01:47:19] * Helpster sets mode: +v RTJ|Studying
[01:47:26] [%puzzle] hello RTJ|Studying
[01:47:57] [+RTJ|Studying] hi
[01:48:03] [+RTJ|Studying] I have just one question about those akills
[01:48:12] [+RTJ|Studying] I don't mind that you kill scripted or cheated accounts
[01:48:24] [%puzzle] but?
[01:48:26] [%puzzle] :)
[01:48:30] [+RTJ|Studying] but I'm wondering why you kill 3 accounts with the message "Worthless top"
[01:49:31] [+RTJ|Studying] is it because the family suicided?
[01:50:29] * MackyD-Bath ([email protected]) has joined #help
[01:50:34] * Becca ([email protected]) has joined #help
[01:50:55] [%puzzle] yes RTJ|Studying
[01:51:07] [+RTJ|Studying] so if they haven't suicided, then they wouldn't have got killed?
[01:51:41] [%puzzle] you are right
[01:51:51] [+RTJ|Studying] why did you then akill them?
[01:52:03] [+RTJ|Studying] My family, Bruinsma, suicided on Vaffanculo in last version
[01:52:07] [+RTJ|Studying] that is part of the game
[01:52:22] [+RTJ|Studying] as long as they aren't considered cheats, they should ofcourse be allowed to shoot of whatever reason they have
[01:52:26] [+RTJ|Studying] no matter if it's good or not
[01:52:36] [+RTJ|Studying] else it is a clear interference of the admins
[01:52:42] [+RTJ|Studying] which should be avoided by all costs imo
[01:52:59] * Retrieving #help modes...
[01:53:25] * Goldylocks is now known as Goldy^zzz
[01:53:27] [+RTJ|Studying] suiciding is part of the game
[01:53:27] [%puzzle] i will copy you, what one of admins said "they tried to ruin the fun for others by ordering their fam to suicide"
[01:53:44] [+RTJ|Studying] how come it differs from what we decided to do in last version?
[01:53:53] [+RTJ|Studying] We also tried to kill others by ordering our famliy to suicide
[01:54:21] [+RTJ|Studying] that is part of the game. To shoot whenever you feel like it
[01:54:37] [+RTJ|Studying] else you will have to kill all players shooting without a REALLY good legit reason
[01:54:45] [%puzzle] but this was like "we got akills.. now you all must make suicide"
[01:54:56] * MackyD-Bath is now known as MackyD
[01:54:58] [+RTJ|Studying] hence you will have to make a part of your disclaimer saying that "you can only shoot if....."
[01:55:23] [+RTJ|Studying] that still doesn't matter
[01:55:33] [+RTJ|Studying] since their accounts were considered fair, else they would have been killed
[01:55:42] [+RTJ|Studying] and a fair account should shoot whenever it feels like it
[01:55:54] [+RTJ|Studying] so if they had waited 3 days and suicided, would you then have interfered?
[01:56:42] [+RTJ|Studying] When would those fair accounts have been allowed to shoot? Only if they could win? Or after how long a period?
[01:57:28] [%puzzle] RTJ|Studying i dont know.. i was afk when they were akilled.. and coz all admins are sleeping now.. come back tomorrow and you will get more infos about those akills
[01:58:19] [+RTJ|Studying] I will do so, but I have an exam at friday, so I don't think I have that much time. Can I write a mail instead? And how should I address it to? How is in charge of this?
[01:58:39] [+RTJ|Studying] *who
[01:59:22] [%puzzle] i think best option is if you write a ticket
[01:59:36] [+RTJ|Studying] haha, sorry, but that won't give me any answers.
[01:59:53] [+RTJ|Studying] I will just get told that done is done or something similar.
[02:00:08] [+RTJ|Studying] I have gotten good replies, when I have written to Brando in the past
[02:00:14] [+RTJ|Studying] so I don't mind doing that
[02:00:27] [%puzzle] ok than send him email
[02:00:38] [+RTJ|Studying] I will do so.
[02:00:41] [+RTJ|Studying] thx for your time
[02:00:47] [%puzzle] anytime
[02:00:50] [+RTJ|Studying] chau
[02:00:51] [+RTJ|Studying] [o
[02:00:53] [%puzzle] have a nice night
[02:00:55] [+RTJ|Studying] you too
[02:01:01] [%puzzle] thanks
Session Close: Wed Dec 15 02:01:01 2010

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