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18-12 Yakuza <-> Xzone
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 1
Views: 2,443
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families: Xzone, Yakuza
A little before 24 OT, all Yakuza highranks unload on Xzone. The Xzone highranks die, but so do all Yakuza highranks, in a unique suicide war that has 100% backfire kills. The result is that both Xzone and Yakuza are down. The SvS alliance which Xzone is a part of, cleans up the remaining Yakuza highranks. Xzone restarts a few hours later.

The reason for the attack is trouble about spots. According to Yakuza, the SvS alliance promised them "as many spots as they want". According to Xzone, it were only 2 spots. A huge difference, so big that it flipped a mental switch with the Yakuza tops causing them to go suicide on Xzone.
Kalemss (Xzone) We had an agreement with Yakuza in Palermo, which said that they could have 2 spots. But then they wanted to buy a third spot. We didn't give permission for that, and so they suddenly attacked us. We didn't expect the attack, but our alliance SvS helped us and together we killed all Yakuza members.

Jeroentjj (ex-Yakuza) Yakuza attacked Xzone because they only could have 2 spots. SvS had said: "You may have as many spots as you want". The difference between 2 and 14 is of course immense, so Yakuza attacked. A nice move from SvS :')

Anna (Yakuza) As you very well know if a spot is not taken, it's not taken, and I did not care about buying and stuff. I told SVS founders : 2 spots and later we will expand. They told us that only 2 of their alliance's families will be in Palermo, wheras the rest will be in other cities. Of course when I saw a third fam up in palermo, I went to clear my point out with their founder. He said: no, only 2 spots for you. Later on, of course, another family started up in palermo, and it was not svs. Mudoly told me: but xzone gave you 2 spots. Well no one "gives" me spots. The fact that another family was allowed to expand whilst ours was not, I took it as a personal offence and discrimination, and doing this [suicide] was a hard decision for me, but after all, the members in my family wanted to have their own share of fun in the game, not just sit there and cuckoo out. So I decided to take action and try to make a statement out of this. Later on [after the war] Kalemmss confronted me about the 2 spot thing, and he told me: but we only gave you 2 spots; I told him, I said that later on we will expand. And as far as I know you said only two of your families would be in palermo. When he told me that bloods and allies do not do that to each other [attacking eachother], I simply told him that bloods do not suffocate their bloods, and if he felt free to twist and shape the deal the way he wanted to, then I might as well do that myself too [by attacking an ally].

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