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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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24-02 Grand opening, grand closing
Author: LL
Last updated: 4754d 11h 46m 34s ago by Rix
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Involved families:
As of today, the creative collective of fingon.be has moved here. A long close companionship with the people at Omerta Beyond and the people over at fingon.be resulted in the two sites producing - as the result of long downtime and the need to evolve the interface into something more efficient - an improved version of your most beloved news site for .com; www.fingon.be

Firstly you will notice the new layout of the site, once again put together by fingon.be's AND Omerta Beyond's divine creative mastermind sbanks. Secondly, some new features, most of them put up by Rix, such as a live menu with filtering and ordering, a shitload of statistics on warreports, nice profiles of registered users with postcount, and the ability to read older posts of an user. Oh, and the ability to change your password.
Unfortunately for us, the reset towards 3.2 came a lot sooner than we anticipated. Therefore, we haven't had the opportunity yet to build in a lot of other features we want to implement as soon as possible, for instance rating articles, extended search options and folding of area's in an article.

Unfortunately, all this loveliness comes with a price. We hope we can direct the old domain name towards this new site, but for the moment the actual link www.fingon.be is still down. Furthermore, and this is the biggest setback, we lost all the data. This means that all posts are gone, all comments are gone, and all accounts are gone. And, on this moment, there is no way to fix this, and we are not counting on it either. So, if you want your name to be protected again, please re-register.

And last but not least, multiple changes have occurred beneath the surface, making moderating, organising and tracking everything much easier for the moderators. Not to go into specifics, all you need to know is IP-ban button.
This article has been locked, no further comments are possible
sbanks Guatemala (18:26:09 - 25-02)
Link Quote
my flag > yours
LL Aruba Patron (14:55:55 - 25-02)
Link Quote
What kind of flag is that, vBm? Do you come from the circus?
vBm Canada (14:49:04 - 25-02)
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Good job lads, much appreciated !

It was about damned time that we get something like this.